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Winter Hair Care

winter-hairMost people think of summer as being the most damaging time of year for hair. The sun, sweat, and everyone’s tendency to pull hair back in a bun or ponytail can lead to dry, broken hair in a hurry. But winter can be just as damaging. This week, we caught up with Blades stylist Hannah McConnell to learn how you can save your locks when Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose.

“People who think their hair is safer in the winter could be wrong,” says Hannah. “When we turn the heat on inside, it saps moisture from our hair and leaves it brittle.” Just like when your skin becomes dry in winter, hair also suffers from a lack of humidity in the air. “Forced air heat is so dry, it has the same effect on your hair as standing in the desert.”

moisture-kickSo what can we do to combat the cold weather damage? “For your in-salon days, let’s go ahead and do a 10 minute conditioning treatment,” suggests Hannah. These treatments use an oxygen processor to increase the longevity of your conditioner and allow for greater penetration of daily conditioning. “When you’re home, use an extra conditioner like Schwarzkopf’s Moisture Kick. It’s a great leave-in treatment that acts as a detangler, and is great for your skin too!”

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