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Employee of the Month – May 2017

Congratulations to our May 2017 Employee of the Month, Asiah King! Asiah joined the Blades Salon family recently, but she’s already impressed us with her creativity, work ethic, and desire to learn. Read more about Asiah now:

Q. What hair trends are you excited about for Summer 2017?
A. I’m excited about all the cool new fun updos! It’s time to think beyond the messy bun or the topknot and branch out into braids, twists, and more.

Q. What’s the best thing about being a stylist?
A. I would have to say the best thing about being a stylist is witnessing my clients’ transformations! We change their hair, but their hair has an impact on their whole demeanor.

Q. How can people protect their hair from sun & chemical damage during summer?
A. Now is a great time to get a Keratin treatment to help protect your hair. After that, I recommend a monthly deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair soft and healthy.

Q. Who is your number one style icon? 
A. That would have to be Marilyn Monroe! She never apologized for being herself, created an iconic look that we still recognize today, and never apologized for being herself.
Q. What’s the best thing about working at Blades?
A. The best part about working at Blades is getting the chance to work with so many amazing stylists who are all willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.
Q. Finish this sentence: “When I’m not at Blades, you can find me…”
A. When I am not at Blades you can find me at home hanging out with my family and friends!

Derby Style Watch

Getting ready to head to Churchill Downs during the first weekend of May? Lucky you! Likely you’ve already picked out a great dress and a truly showstopping hat just for Derby 143, but if you’re still searching for the perfect hairstyle, Blades has you covered.

One of 2017’s hottest hairstyle trends is an updated braided updo that adds interest and dimension to classic styles. You can see them at hip events such as musical festivals, formal occasions like weddings, and now we believe that braided updos are poised to take over Derby 143! This style is unique due to its natural versatility. Whether you’re rocking a petite fascinator or an oversized work of art, a braided updo can complete your look. This is just one of our favorite variations.

The Twist Braided Updo: This style is perfect for anyone wearing a fascinator or a hat styled to one side. Get the look in just a few easy steps:


• This look will be best with second day hair, sprayed with dry shampoo to create texture.

• Create a deep side part, near the peak of your temple.

• Beginning with the front of your hair, separate a section of hair into three parts, and begin French braiding down the side of your scalp.

• Make sure to smooth the hair on the side of your head that is not being braided to prevent large or distracting bumps.

• Continue to French braid until you reach the nape of your neck, and then finish your braid through the length of your hair. Secure the end with an elastic, and tuck any stray sections back into your braid, securing with bobby pins periodically.

• Grasp the end of your braid and roll the braid into a bun at the base of your skull, tucking the end in and securing with bobby pins.

• Finish with a veil of hairspray and top with your Derby hat!

Employee of the Month – April 2017

Congratulations to our April 2017 Employee of the Month, Summer Ford! Summer is one of our newest stylists, but we’ve been impressed with her initiative and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the Blades Salon family. Learn more about Summer now!
Q. What spring trends are you most excited about?
A. I’m excited for people getting their hair ready for the summer! People who are going blonder to set off those gorgeous summer tans, and going for short to mid-length styles with lots of layers to lighten up before the heat waves.
Q. Are you going to Oaks or Derby this year?
A. I’m hoping to go to Derby this year, as well as Thurby. I’m making my own hat, so I’m excited to show it off!
Q. What are some great styles people can wear with their Derby hats?
A. The best styles for Derby 2017 would be those featuring loose curls or beachy waves. Longer hair can be styled to one side as well to really showcase the masterpiece: the hat!
Q. What products would you recommend for people who are interested in protecting their hair from sun and wind damage during the summer?
A. I would recommend Schwarzkopf’s Repair Rescue. It’s great for sealing your ends and helps repair damaged ends. Also consider adding a lightweight leave-in conditioner to battle the heat and chlorine.
Q. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken with your personal style? 
A. The biggest risk I’ve ever taken would have to be cutting my hair past my shoulders last November. It might not sound like a big risk to some people, but it was the first official hair cut I ever got! I’ve always had very long hair, but last fall I was ready for a change, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sebastian Professional’s Dark Oil

Sebastian Professional’s
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