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Halloween Style – 2016

This Halloween, the makeup makes the costume! Whether you want to hail from a galaxy far, far away or want to bring the galaxy with you to your next Halloween party, we’ve got great tutorials to help you make the most of your makeup.

Princess Leia: It’s no secret that “Star Wars” slayed in the box office this year. Take top honors at your next costume contest with the perfect Princess Leia ‘do:

  • What you’ll need:
    • 2 pairs of dress socks in brown or blackleia-buns
    • Bobby pins
    • Hair ties
    • Hair spray
    • Bowl or spray bottle of water (optional)
  • How to:
    • Part your hair down the middle and comb out any tangles
    • Layer one sock inside the other to make a full, thick bun
    • Using one of your hair ties, tie the ends of your layered socks very tightly
    • Starting at the bottom, roll your hair onto the sock (start with the hair under the sock)
    • leia-buns-tutorialRoll the hair all the way up to the scalp, making sure it is very tight and close to the head
    • Bring the sock ends together
    • Tuck the loose end of the sock underneath the hair tie, creating a circle
    • Spread the hair out so that it covers the sock evenly all the way around
    • Secure with bobby pins and spray with hairspray!
  • For a more advanced look, try these pro-quality hairstyles from Star Wars!


Galaxy Makeup: Not from a galaxy far, far away? You can still honor one of 2016’s biggest trends with a beautiful makeup look that will have everyone seeing stars! Do as little or as much as you like – this look is completely customizable!

  • What you’ll need:
    • Eyeshadows in a variety of blues, pinks, and purples – the more shades you use, the more dynamic your galaxy will be!galaxy-freckles
    • Water-activated makeup in white
    • Black & silver eyeliners
    • Mascara
    • False eyelashes (optional)
    • Clean makeup brushes
  • How to:
    • Begin with a clean, moisturized face
    • Apply your galaxy eyeshadow shades to the desired areas. You can do your temples, eyes, cheekbones, cheeks, and nose for a “galaxy freckles” look, just your eyelids, or your whole face!
    • Using the water-activated white makeup and a small brush (we like a liquid eyeliner brush) add your painted on constellations. You could even highlight some stars with a touch of glitter for extra sparkle!
    • Make sure to follow the traditional rules of makeup, applying lighter shades on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones so that you highlight your gorgeous features!galaxy-freckles-2
  • For a more in-depth look at how this makeup is accomplished, click here:

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Employee of the Month – October 2016

tori-webCongratulations to our October 2016 employee of the month, Tori Payton! Tori was motivated to become a stylist because of her love of helping people look and feel great. We caught up with her between clients this week to learn a little more about one of our newest Blades Salon family members.
Q: What tips and tricks do you recommend for getting great Halloween hair? 
A: Some tips and tricks for great Halloween hair would be to get creative, go outside of your comfort zone and try something different. But most of all, have fun!
Q: How long have you worked at Blades and what do you love most about your job?
A: I have worked at Blades for close to 5 months. I love the people I work with and the clients that come into the salon. Everyone is so friendly and caring.
Q: What are your go-to sources for style inspiration?
A: My go-to sources for style are mainly social media and shows. Nowadays that’s where a lot of inspiration is found.
Q: What are your favorite Fall activities and places in Louisville?
A: I love craft fairs in the fall! Haunted houses around Louisville are my favorite places to go to get into the Halloween spirit.
Q: If you had to pick your absolute favorite product or tool, what would it be and why?
A: My absolute favorite product is Sealed Ends because it’s amazing for damaged hair. My hair was so damaged and since I’ve been using it, it feels a hundred times better. It’s amazing!
Q: What styles are you most excited about this Fall?
A: I’m excited for boots, sweaters, scarves, and most of all fall hair!!
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Employee of the Month – September 2016

Hill-NickiMeet Nicki Hill, our September 2016 Employee of the Month! Nicki has been a member of the Blades Salon family of stylists since February 2002. A graduate of Roy’s of Louisville, Nicki started doing hair and makeup for her friends in middle school, and never lost her passion for beauty. Known for her relationship with her clients, Nicki is in her element when she’s creating stylish looks that suit each person’s individual lifestyle. Her favorite moment on the job is seeing the look of joy on a client’s face when he or she has gotten a cut and color that they love!