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Winter Hair Care

daily-beckyBlades stylist Rebecca Daily explains why your hair suffers in the winter and makes her recommendations on how to keep it safe until Spring.

Almost everyday, one of my clients will ask me how to protect their hair from the elements during the winter. The arctic temperatures outside and the dry heat inside combine to literally wick natural moisture from your hair (and skin and nails) until it becomes brittle and coarse. In fact, some experts believe that sitting in an artificially heated room all day can do as much damage to your hair as sitting under a hair dryer for an entire afternoon.

Fortunately, there are some tips to help your locks survive the winter!

wet-hairSkip the heat. Your gorgeous hair needs a break from all that dry heat. Instead of showering in the morning and blow drying your tresses, wash your hair in the evening and let your hair air dry overnight.
Bonus Tip: For extra credit, braid your hair while it’s still wet and sleep on it. When you wake up, you’ll have loose waves that will last the entire day, all without heat!

Find the right product. Just like your skin, your hair needs extra moisturizer in the winter to combat nature’s seasonal dryness. Consider these daily treatments for maximum effect:

Moroccan Oil - Moroccan oil is a great daily treatment for anyone with medium to thick hair. It’s a bit heavy though, so if you have fine or thin hair you might find that it weighs your locks down too much.

Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick – This leave-in conditioner comes in a spray bottle and is light enough to moisturize any hair. I especially recommend using Moisture Kick alongside another Schwarzkopf product, Sealed Ends, which fights and repairs split end damage.

Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment – This is my top pick for a weekly conditioning treatment. Suitable for any hair texture, this product will enrich your hair and repair damage done by the sun, wind, and temperature. Plus, it smells incredible!

moroccan-oil spray_moisture_bc_schwarzkopf_400ml_1 awapuhi_intensivetreatment_product

Take care of your hair this winter and you’ll be loving your locks come Spring time! Want more winter hair care tips and tricks? Call Becky at 893-0431 to schedule an appointment.

Blades Salon Employee of the Month: January 2015

Weixler-ChristinaOur first Employee of the Month for 2015 is Christina Weixler, who joined the Blades Salon and Spa family in 2010! Christina loves building relationships with her clients, and has been honored to work with the likes of Al Roker and Jo Ross. Let’s get to know Christina a little better…

Christina first attended Empire School of Cosmetology and became a stylist because she wanted to help people feel good about themselves, and to make each day better. “A great hairstyle can change anyone’s attitude,” says Christina. “If you feel good on the outside, more than likely you’ll also feel good on the inside.” Loving the family atmosphere of Blades, Christina feels like her talent and skill has blossomed. “We learn together, laugh together, and make everyone in Louisville and the surrounding areas feel beautiful.”

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Holiday Makeup

chelseaBlades stylist Chelsea Reitzel shares her top makeup trends for the 2014 holiday season.

The holidays are a great time to experiment with different makeup looks! From the cozy comfort of a family Christmas to the drama and energy of New Year’s Eve, there are so many opportunities to switch up your look!

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 11.11.12 AMFor your New Year’s Eve Bash — 
Ringing in the New Year in style? Then you’re going to want to pump up the volume on your makeup! Read More