Employee of the Month – May 2017

Congratulations to our May 2017 Employee of the Month, Asiah King! Asiah joined the Blades Salon family recently, but she’s already impressed us with her creativity, work ethic, and desire to learn. Read more about Asiah now:

Q. What hair trends are you excited about for Summer 2017?
A. I’m excited about all the cool new fun updos! It’s time to think beyond the messy bun or the topknot and branch out into braids, twists, and more.

Q. What’s the best thing about being a stylist?
A. I would have to say the best thing about being a stylist is witnessing my clients’ transformations! We change their hair, but their hair has an impact on their whole demeanor.

Q. How can people protect their hair from sun & chemical damage during summer?
A. Now is a great time to get a Keratin treatment to help protect your hair. After that, I recommend a monthly deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair soft and healthy.

Q. Who is your number one style icon? 
A. That would have to be Marilyn Monroe! She never apologized for being herself, created an iconic look that we still recognize today, and never apologized for being herself.
Q. What’s the best thing about working at Blades?
A. The best part about working at Blades is getting the chance to work with so many amazing stylists who are all willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.
Q. Finish this sentence: “When I’m not at Blades, you can find me…”
A. When I am not at Blades you can find me at home hanging out with my family and friends!

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Wesley Fairman