Treatments & Care

Conditioning Treatment starting at $10
Louisville has been known for its intense weather, regardless of the season. A hot summer can do just as much damage as a frigid winter. Dry, damaged hair tends to be coarse and sometimes curly. The secret to adding moisture to dry or damaged hair is deep conditioning. Try products rich in vitamins that are cream-based. At Blades Salon & Spa, we have stocked up on the best products on the market, tried and tested among the beauty industry’s top stylists and beauty editors. Stop in for a quick visit with your stylist, and give your hair the boost it needs with one of our professional conditioning treatments.

Claypac® starting at $17
The first of its kind, ClayPac® is the only patented treatment in the salon industry. It was designed for use in salons to repair and revitalize hair that has been damaged by the environment or by chemical processing. We recommended that clients receive the ClayPac® ClayOns® Salon Treatment before or after all chemical services. The application counteracts any problems created by chemical processing or environmental wear and tear. It will reconstruct and guarantee healthy, shiny hair.

Perms starting at $85
The perm is back and making waves in a sea of straight hairstyles. No longer relegated to salons that cater to older women, the perm is in great demand in Louisville, despite the constant pressure for women to maintain stick-straight hair. Since the pursuit of straight hair can be exhausting, a perm is freeing — a luxury many women appreciate, especially during the steamy summer months. Advances in hair rolling as well as perm solutions have allowed stylists to personalize their clients’ curls, creating a natural look. The one-perm-fits-all no longer applies.

Express Keratin Treatment starting at $150
Full Keratin Treatment starting at $300
No more bad hair days! In just hours, you can have the smooth, shiny, and manageable hair you’ve always wanted. With our professional, in-salon treatments, your hair will be easier to style, resistant to humidity, and noticeably softer with added life and shine. Call for a consultation today!